We are a Non-Profit Organization head-quartered in New Delhi and with branches across India, working for the welfare and upliftment of Hindu Community.

We aim to highlight almost 40,000 Hindu Temples destroyed and atrocities on Hindus since the earliest foreign invasion of India.

Hindu Sena aims to oppose the Islamization in any form, Shariah law implementation, Love Jihad and Islamic extremism in India.

Hindu Sena will highlight and protest and take legal action against any person/entity causing harm to the sovereignty of India and Sanathana Dharma.

Introduction :

Founded in 2011 by Hindu Nationalist leader Mr. Vishnu Gupta, Hindu Sena is a Non-Profit Organization head-quartered in New Delhi and having branches across India, working for the welfare and upliftment of Hindu Community.

The purpose of the organization is to oppose any activity which is objectional to the valued Indian heritage and Hindu religion legally and via protests which is the Constituional Right of every Indian Citizen.

Along with the main Hindu Sena we have dedicated volunteers in :

  • Hindu Vidyarthi Sena (HVS)
  • Youth wing Hindu Yuva Sena
  • Women’s wing Hindu Nari Sena

Objectives :

  • To Uplift the Hindu Community ignoring the caste system asONEHindu Sena
  • Raise Objection and protest to any activity which insults Hindu and Indian Heritage
  • Take legal action on objectional activities
  • Increase Awareness about Sanatana Dharma(Hindu Dharma) amongst people
  • Cow protection
  • Promotion of Dharmik culture and practices

Hindu Sena Associates

Mr. Vishnu Gupta – National President & Founder

Mr. Prem Verma – Founder Member

Mrs. Rashmi Dhekne Gupta – National Spokesperson

Mr. Ambuj Nigam – State President, Uttar Pradesh

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal – State President, Madhya Pradesh

Mr. Mukesh Gupta – State Working President , Madhya Pradesh

Mr. Sachin Kashyap – Secretary, Rajasthan

Mr. Vinay Gupta – State President, Jammu & Kashmir

Mr. Montu Chauhan – Leader, Jharkhand

Mr. Sanjeet Acharya – In-Charge, Odisha

Mr. Avijit Bain – District President, Malda, West Bengal

Mr. Deep Prasad Maithani – General Secretary, Uttarakhand

Mr. Amit Rathore – State President, Hindu Vidhyarthi Sena, Uttar Pradesh

Mr. Ajit Singh – In-Charge Hindu Vidhyarthi Sena, JNU